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Testing times and savior apps


The pandemic has been a monster for businesses, eating away at 80% of enterprise core processes and effectively backing them into a corner. It has become necessary for businesses to leverage efficient digital applications to stay ahead of the game.

Delivering the life-saving cherry of high-value digital solutions like Hyperautomation and extended SAP solution implementations which effectively derive maximum business value is what we do best. Cherry-pick our solutions to banish tech related ghosts in your enterprise closet now!

The Cherrywork Advantage​


Extensive suite of pre-packaged digital applications and products


Deeply ingrained expertise of needs and nuances of applications

Intelligent automation

Wide range of benefits delivered using Hyperautomation

Tap into SAP

Designed and built to be SAP compatible and cater to the needs of SAP customers

Strong digital core

Integrates with core SAP systems like SAP ECC, S/4HANA, Success factor, Ariba, and non-SAP systems

Reuse of existing assets

Easy integrations that leverage existing SAP investments

Cherry for your worries

  • Lack of visibility
  • Inextensible solutions
  • Delayed time to value
Business Worry

Lack of visibility

Losing visibility of tasks is a real challenge while dealing with multiple application to get work done. Lack of transparency ends up consuming more time and effort leading to delayed timelines.

Gaining real-time visibility is imperative to tracking and controlling tasks. A 360 degree work view is the best way to find your way out of the maze of applications.

Real-time visibility

Real-time dashboards and comprehensive reporting capabilities that provide immediate visibility

Business Worry

Inextensible solutions

Large part of business operations continue to be dependent on legacy implementations that are unstructured, inextensible, and face maintenance challenges due to manual dependency.

The switch from existing processes to automated processes is no longer an activity for future but a current need that is determining how the scales tip, on whether a business stays afloat and thrives

Built for change

Built on low/no-code environment that can accommodate process evolution, seamless transitions, and flexible deployment options

Business Worry

Delayed time to value

Mission critical solution implementations which are the keystone of successful business processes, take a long time to traverse through the stages of initiation, analysis, configuration, validation, deployment and optimization.

Extended timelines can have a huge impact on the operational efficiency of enterprises and increase the time to value.

Rapid time to value

Built for Change Model driven agility that leverages insights and intelligence to accelerate time to value

Why Cherrywork?

Cherrywork® is a comprehensive suite of digital applications delivering packaged business value with agility and at scale to address evolving business requirements. 


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Cherrywork Suite of Applications

Pre-packaged suite of digital applications that are built on the SAP Business Technology Platform

Cherrywork Industry Applications

Applications and products that are tailored to address concerns in specific industry verticals, integrating extensive domain know-how with vast technical expertise

Oil & Gas

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Consumer Packaged Goods

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Rapidly realize value and accelerate payback period with Cherrywork applications

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