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From Cost Centre to Strategic Asset: Maximizing the Accounts Payable potential

As CFOs transform from fiscal protectors to champions of innovation and growth, Accounts Payable (AP) has transformed into a driver of growth and profit, with a clear strategic vision and mission of its own. 

However, adding quantifiable value beyond cost reduction hasn’t been easy for AP teams. As they respond to pressing demands arising from shifts in the business environment, the introduction of new technologies, regulatory compliance updates, and supply chain volatility, AP processes are becoming fragmented and non-standardized. As a result, they become less connected with upstream procurement processes. 

The result? Teams lack visibility into process health issues and are unable to assess performance and take timely corrective action. . 

This webinar covers 

  • Getting 360-degree view of your AP health 
  • Identify drivers that are impacting the AP function most 
  • How to get optimized and connected AP process that drives strategic value 
  • Understand why AI and ML have become pivotal factors when planning your finance journey. 
  • Learn how GDT integrated and deployed a centralized solution, enabling processes to be homogenized for centralized invoice processing 

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From Cost Centre to Strategic Asset: Maximizing the Accounts Payable potential 


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