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Relentless focus on solving enterprise customer challenges​

How do we do it?​

By building ready-to-deploy intelligent digital applications that effectively address core process concerns!​

Process Pickman

Testing times and savior solutions

The pandemic has been a monster for businesses, eating away at 80% of Enterprise Core processes and effectively cornering them to relook at edge processes and last mile automation is done with digital applications suite.

The life-saving cherry in these testing times has been implementing high-value digital solutions like Hyperautomation to effectively derive maximum business value.

The cherry for your worry

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Large parts of business operations continued to be people dependent and were severely affected when the pandemic hit the world. Many quick implementations of easy-fix solutions also failed, making the impact of a large remote workforce harder to balance out.​

Data-driven process automation is no longer an activity for the future but a current need that is determining how the scales tip, on whether a business stays afloat and thrives. ​

Cherry – Quick process transformation 

Insight driven automation that is reliable, efficient and delivers value with intelligent packaged apps and process templates

A set of disparate solutions put together will create deployment & integration issues, a need for extensive training and an inefficient ecosystem to introduce further developments.

The switch from existing processes to  a new one comes with unique challenges can lead to irritated employees, decreased productivity & in some cases the technology adoption being abandoned, unless done right

Cherry – User centric solution

Built for purpose low/no-code environment that     can accommodate process evolution. Seamless           transitions flexible deployment options

Mission critical solution implementations which are the keystone of successful business processes, take a long time to traverse through the stages of initiation, analysis, configuration, validation, deployment and optimization. 

Extended timelines can have a huge impact on the operational efficiency of enterprises and increase the time to value.

Cherry – Rapid time to value

Built for Change Model driven agility that leverages insights and intelligence to accelerate time to value

Ready to optimize your outcomes and increase
efficiency + profitability?​

Find Cherrywork on SAP now!​

Cherrywork Suite of Applications

Pre-packaged suite of digital applications and products built on the SAP Business Technology Platform for SAP customers​

Cherrywork Advantage​

Extensive suite of Pre-packaged digital applications and products​

Deep expertise of numerous digital application programs​

Cherrywork applications Delivers wide range of Hyperautomation

Designed and built with SAP and their customers; for SAP customers

Builds on the foundation of core SAP systems like SAP ECC, S4 and cloud systems like Sf & Ariba.

SAP integration allows to leverage existing SAP investments

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