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Ultimate guide to warehouse operations technology

The evolution of warehouses is no more a nice-to-have but a must in the era of e-commerce and the “I want it yesterday” customer mindset.

So how do you keep up with the increasing customer demand while maintaining operational agility?


Picture this. Warehouse managers and employees work efficiently without any location constraints, making informed business decisions while delighting customers, and enhancing productivity, operational efficiency, asset performance, and profit margins.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what ‘Mobility’ can do.

Mobility has the power to transform warehouse operations beyond imagination.

For example, it enables collaboration among different functions in the organization, real-time data availability, quick response, asset tracking, and overall productivity improvement while maximizing your existing investments. Additionally, mobility can be helpful in times of crisis to work in tandem with on-field squads and adopt the appropriate strategy for making educated calls under pressure.

Supply chains are complex and critical. That’s why mobility is so important in supply chain transactions. It helps manage inventory at an optimum level and maintain warehouses. And it keeps users informed instantly through mobile notifications of their assigned tasks. This way, Managers and supervisors can always access information from their mobile devices and keep an eye on ongoing operations.

Benefits of implementing mobility in warehouse solutions:

  1. Real-time inventory visibility
    It facilitates the process of documenting sales and purchases of inventory in real-time, giving your organization a holistic view of inventory activity and an accurate valuation of stock at all times.
  2. Accurately predicting demand
    Demand forecasting and visibility are key to maintaining precise inventory data and improving supply chain operations. By gaining and maintaining visibility, you can make better decisions about your inventory levels and improve your overall supply chain efficiency.
  3. Goodbye to paper trails Warehouse staff can perform standard warehouse tasks by scanning products straight into the system using a portable device, instead of the conventional, time-consuming method of manually updating it in the system.
  4. Seamless integration with other applications The ability to integrate with other task management applications means that employees can make changes quickly and easily from anywhere using a mobile device. When a warehouse employee performs a transaction over the mobile app, it directly updates the SAP ECC system making it easier for warehouse employees to make changes on the go.
  5. Rapid inventory transfers Significantly reduce lead times, enhance inventory management, and produce quicker inventory turnover by limiting inventory movement and enhancing record accuracy.
  6. Reduction in manual efforts Receiving goods, delivery picking, inventory receipt, and transfer order posting for both purchase orders and production orders can all be conducted via barcode scanning to support inventory receipt and transfer order posting.
  7. Management of stock transfers made simple SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) automatically creates warehouse tasks for the put away based on a warehouse request for inbound delivery. In other words, employees can put away products and create the transfer order all within the mobile app.

Other benefits include:

  • Simplify complex business processes
  • Increase profit margins while decreasing costs
  • Reduce logistical costs and overheads while increasing inventory levels
  • Enable managers/supervisors to keep track of ongoing processes
  • Boost employee output, operational efficiency, and asset performance
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction with prompt replies

Maximize warehouse output and efficiency

Our application syncs with SAP’s EWM and ECC systems to manage your inventory and warehouse operations, provide accurate data and enhance demand forecasts, all from the convenience of your mobile device. It also provides different features such as Label Printing, Cycle Count, Put Away Management, and more.

Would you like to do the same for your organization? If yes, then reach out to us at

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