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Accounts Payable Automation ROI

50000 200000 500000 1000000 2000000 10
10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
Your company processes invoices per year with a team size of people with an average salary of per year.

The savings estimation provided in this report is calculated from the data you have provided in the Accounts Payable Automation ROI, and the benefits realized by Cherrywork customers worldwide. These figures are derived from the analysis of millions of invoices processed by Cherrywork customers. * (actual data may vary)

The report outlines the potential savings you can reasonably expect to achieve by implementing Accounts Payable Automation to handle the capture, processing, and payment of supplier invoices.

Please contact the Cherrywork team to discuss the details of this savings projection and to learn more about how to make it a reality for your business

Projected Savings at 60% touchless processing with Cherrywork AP Automation

Projected ROI at 60% touchless processing with Cherrywork AP Automation


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