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Cherrywork® In-Store Perishables Management is a retail/grocery application for increasing efficiency of core store-level operations such as reworks and case fills. It seamlessly integrates with SAP ERP & SAP S/4HANA.​

Sam has managed to reduce product wastage, improve operational efficiency and deliveries at right temperature by gaining real-time visibility of inventory and price.​

Key Capabilities​

Barcode scanning for SKU detail and inventory update​
Predictive ordering without manual intervention​
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Offline capabilities to submit data​
Visibility on store-level campaigns and promotions​

Enhance process, performance and efficiency

Behind The Scenes​

Enhanced customer experience​

Delight your customers by providing a seamless experience and fulfilling their demand in a timely and efficient manner.​


In-Store Perishables Management application provides real-time visibility of store-level campaigns and promotions. Daily price, promotion, and markdown optimization ensure that items are priced for optimal profitability, both pre-season,
in-season and in-stock.​

Well-managed inventory​

Get real-time updates on product availability for your store operators and customers.


In-Store Perishables Management application integrates with ERP to facilitate dynamic matching of cold chain apparatus, order ID and sensors to get order or customer level visibility. This integration also serves as foundation of advanced analytics by linking product data with cold chain performance, which can then be used to improve operations. Barcode scanner enables update of SKU detail. ​

Increased sales during peak hours​

Boost sales with replenished stock at all times​.



In-Store Perishables Management application prepares large grocery stores to get ready for peak hour sales. Optimized fulfilment ensures that products are allocated or replenished according to demand.​

Optimized resource utilisation​

Minimize additional expenses by efficiently using your manpower at the store.​


Accurate analysis by In-Store Perishables Management application results in more efficient use of manpower in picking, packing, and shipping the first wave of product. ​

Optimize Routes

Decide customer delivery route dynamically with temperature performance and excursion risk data. Plan interventions as needed with real-time location visibility​.



The entire product temperature profile from picking to delivery can be provided to customer via the mobile app, website or SMS with In-Store Perishables Management application. Learning models can be used to determine the expected survival of perishables based on a variety of parameters.​

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