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Intelligent Price Management

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Why sacrifice profit margins when you can use a smart management solution instead to effectively make insight-driven pricing decisions?

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Intelligent Price Management
Cherrywork®️ Intelligent Price Management is a cloud-based solution that helps manage your pricing challenges from deal management to price administration, execution, and analytics with greater ease and reliability. It is a single platform to manage both buy & sell side prices using advanced machine learning models to propose product prices.

Key Capabilities​

Pricing templates
Rule driven pricing strategy
Price trend analysis
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Manage and Implement Intelligent Pricing Strategies

Gain increased visibility with advanced reporting and analytics

Cherrywork Intelligent Price Management charts current values and changes for various metrics including revenue, profit, margin, visits, conversion percentage, etc.

Price Book

Provides end-to-end visibility into the different price books along with related information such as date of creation, creator of the price book, and the current status of the price book.

Price Book
Machine learning models

Increase revenue and margins through price optimization

Our transparent approach towards pricing significantly reduces process delays attributed to pricing data issues.

Machine Learning models

Advanced machine learning models empower you to forecast the impact of pricing changes before you implement them.

Pull-in pricing inputs from multiple sources

The price management solution combines multiple data sources (ECC, S4, non-SAP systems such as Anaplan, etc.) into a simple interface to help in making insight-driven pricing decisions.

Integration suite

Enable data-rich integration between SAP and non-SAP systems to fast-track business efficiency.

Integration suite
built in strategies

Improve productivity through alerts & notifications

Alerts act as powerful attention-seeking tasks for activities like price updates, periodic reminders for price workbook closure/generation, task/job failures in the system, self-onboarded user requests, and much more.

Built-in rule engine

Define pricing rules based on objects within price management, SAP price objects, define approval hierarchy, etc.

Boost profitability with What-if analysis

The highly customizable price simulator enables the user to run scenarios to predict the impact of price changes on customers, products, volumes, margins, revenue, sales, etc.

Strategic Pricing

Model the impact of various pricing scenarios to make the best decision possible.
strategic pricing


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