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The Worry

Effective resource management requires high visibility, faster turn-around times, accurate forecasts for resource billing and utilization and specific plans to maximize profit margins. Often companies fail to achieve one or more of these, stunting the process.  

 The Cherry

Cherrywork Resource Management is an automated solution that helps you manage resources for project optimization. Connect this solution to forecast resource billing, utilization and to maximize project profit margins – irrespective of the size or the digital capabilities of your business.  

Seamless collaboration across channels | Interactive UX

Gain pipeline visibility and optimize project requirements

Manage the existing and upcoming project and billing information along with the resource’s skillsets mapped to the projects. 

Centralized access

Create positions based on skills and expertise through centralized access to resources skillset and accurate forecasting of resource requirements.

Leverage real-time reports and custom dashboards

Get all the data needed to manage resources in real time and stay ahead of the competition. 

Customized dashboards

Real-time report monitoring is made possible through customized dashboards. 


Workflow, task and timesheet management

Manage multiple workflows related to approvals and other related tasks with email notifications to task owners with attached SLAs and escalation matrix.  


Approval workflow

Monitor time entries in the approval workflow to track utilization and update remaining leaves.  

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Handle everything from Inquiry to Cash process with a single comprehensive business tool  

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