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5 warehouse essentials

The five important processes for warehouse operations are Receiving, Put-Away, Storage, Picking, Packing & Shipping. Streamlining these processes can ensure maximum warehouse efficiency, faster product delivery, and customer satisfaction.

“Eighty-five percent of the reasons for failure are deficiencies in the systems and process rather than the employee. The role of management is to change the process rather than badgering individuals to do better.” – W. Edwards Deming


Receiving inventory involves delivery, unloading and storing of the inventory in the warehouse. It’s a crucial step for achieving efficient fulfillment and where most businesses fumble, resulting in time lag, and losing inventory.

Setting up a checklist of steps to be followed, improving visibility of the stock, and adapting a management system would make the receiving process smoother and more accurate.

Cherrywork Mobility for Warehouse application provides an intelligent receiving and delivery picking management system that ensures faster inventory receiving and provides real-time inventory count.


Every step from moving the stock from the dock to the optimal storage location comes under the stage of put-away. A successful warehouse put-away ensures easier inventory tracking, effective use of storage space, faster product picking and reduces product misplacement.

Put-away feature in the Cherrywork application gives a 360-degree stock visibility across storage locations, ensures detailed tracking of inventory metrics, and helps in conducting time efficient inspections. This feature is especially valuable when it comes to managing perishable goods in the warehouse.


Storing the product in the best location, tracking the right KPIs to ensure maximum space utilization and maintaining an optimum labor efficiency are the steps of storage process in warehouse management.

To establish a successful storage management and to attain maximum storage utilization, a real-time tracking of the storage KPIs, allocating the best storage space for goods depending on amicable factors (like shelf life, demand and more), and constant updating of inventory details need to be maintained. Cherrywork Mobility of Warehouse provides real-time visibility of stock, and accurately predicts demand

to store products. It also provides a portable scanning system for warehouse staff to effortlessly carry-on day-to-day storage updates.


Picking is the warehouse process, which involves sorting the right product after an order is placed. This process is a pivotal one, because if any discrepancies were to happen here, it directly influences customer satisfaction adversely.

To enable maximum warehouse efficiency, Cherrywork Mobility for Warehouse enables a seamless delivery pick management system which provides rapid inventory tracking within the warehouse and gives the accurate location of the product in just a few clicks.

Packing & Shipping

The packing process consolidates the customer orders in priority and prepares the products for delivery. In packing, it is crucial to ensure that the right products are selected to pack, the order of packing is followed, the optimum packing time and the minimal damage to the product.

Shipping is the final process of warehouse management. Accurate sorting and loading of packed orders in the right mode of transport ensures successful shipping of products.

Warehouse management is crucial in delivering a quality product in abbreviated time to the customers. Cherrywork Mobility for Warehouse makes it easier by building a seamless interface to manage all the warehouse processes in one place.

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