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Accounts Payable Automation

Suite of Digital Applications

Our cloud based accounts payable automation solutions captures invoices digitally, enabling touchless processing, approval and posting. AI/ML handles the heavy lifting, leaving your team free for strategic tasks.

Supplier Collaboration Portal

All-in-one supplier collaboration and self-service suite built on SAP Business Technology Platform covering all end -to- end procurement processes from SAP ERPs and other applications with real time transactions based communication. 

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Revolutionize AP: Streamline, Simplify, and Supercharge Finances!

Organizations struggle with time consuming invoice extraction, manual data entry errors, missing invoices, error prone matching, lack of visibility and inconsistent approval workflows in their AP processes. These challenges impact businesses in a variety of problems, including late payments, strained vendor relationships, and increased processing expenses.

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Onboarding Simplified with our Business Partner Onboarding Solution

Unlock seamless supplier engagement with our Business Partner Onboarding solution: streamline processes, ensure compliance, and elevate collaboration for operational excellence and growth. 


Move from Manual to Modern Efficiency

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increase in on time vendor payments

How Cherrywork Supplier collaboration portal can help?

01_AI ML based OCR engine

Vendor Self Service

All-in-one procurement collaboration self-service suite for suppliers with transaction-based communications such as PO Confirmations, ASNs, E-Invoices and much more to limit duplicate efforts from the business. 

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Real time Payment Information

Real time integration with backend ERP system to gain real time visibility into the payment status for vendor to track their transactions 

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Reduced internal- resource demands 

Businesses experience reduced internal resource demands, as automated processes streamline procurement tasks, freeing up valuable time for strategic initiatives and cost-saving measures. 

01_AI ML based OCR engine

Expedite Dispute Resolution 

Extend procurement data and process from ERP systems to business to eliminate transactions failures due to data inconsistency and promote better supply chain planning and reduce disputes throughout the organization. 

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Improved inventory management  

Businesses gain precise control over inventory by efficiently tracking invoices and purchase dates. This ensures optimal stock levels, minimizes stock outs and enhances overall inventory management effectiveness

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End-to-End Supplier Visibility 

With transparent workflows and communication channels, users can confidently navigate operations, ensuring integrity and efficiency at every step. 

Key Features

        PO Collaboration
        Work Order Collaboration
        Invoice Management
         Procurement Dashboard and Analytics
         Supporting Features

Key Features

rapid time to value
KPI and Reporting Metrics
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End – to – End Process Tracking Visibility with Logs
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Configurability with Business Rules
Synchronised Industry Standard Onboarding Process with Validations


Ready for a tailored quote designed specifically for your business?

Cherrywork subscription model enables you to gain access to robust features, insightful analytics, and the flexibility to customize functionalities according to your organization’s distinct requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it can be integrated with SAP ECC and S/4HANA for E2E Data synchronization. 

Yes, both Procurement Team and its Suppliers can use this as a unified collaboration portal.

SAP Business Technology Platform 

Yes, it covers E2E Procure-to-Pay Process i.e. Purchase Requisition to Invoice processing 

Purchase Order Acknowledgement & Confirmation, Production Updates, Advanced Shipping Notification, E-Invoice 

Business Workflows are enabled with Intelligent Task Creation and Smart Notifications  

Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation can be deployed on any cloud hyper scalers with minimal customization for the deployments. However, Incture’s expertise in SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) makes it our go-to deployment environment recommendation for the solution.

Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation can leverage any existing Document Management Systems such as Sharepoint, content management server, or external object stores to store, retrieve and archive Invoice softcopies.

Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation deployed on SAP BTP is compliant with many cloud security certifications
(i) ISO/IEC 27017 and 27018 (and its appendix), demonstrated via certification with accreditation
(ii) NIST SP 800-53, demonstrated via certification with accreditation
(iii) Level 2 of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR) Certification
(iv) any other widely adopted cloud security standard that is approved by the HO in writing for use by the service provider in connection with the services)

Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation supports Single Sign-on on leveraging SAP BTP IAS (Identity Authentication Service), or any other Identity providers such as Microsoft Account Directory (AD).

Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation can process invoices in all the mentioned formats. The OCR engine can process invoices in various formats including PDF and JPEG while other formats viz XML, EDI, Excel, email can be processed without the OCR by our solution.

Yes. Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation supports invoice process variances.

Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation runs as an extension to SAP ERP P2P (Procure to Pay) processes. The live integration with ERP system ensures users have access to current data, adding a layer of security and validation before posting invoice transactions to the ERP system, ensuring the core is kept clean.

Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation Subscription fee is an annual fee charged based on invoice volumes at the beginning of each subscription year. It covers OCR processing, AP Workbench operations, product ppgrades and maintenance & support.
The fee excludes dedicated support teams and upgrade deployments.

The implementation fee covers services such as system integration, and solution configuration, required to integrate Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation with your existing ERP system and configure the solution to meet your specific business requirements.

Licenses are not based on users, but on invoice volumes processed annually. Any number of users can login to Cherrywork Accounts Payable Automation simultaneously.

We have slab based pricing and any changes to the invoice volume or pages per invoice, additional charges will be added as per the new slab pricing.

Cherrywork cloud based AP Automation solution has advanced OCR engine. The AI/ML capabilities help scan, capture, match, and process invoice data at header and line level across 200 languages. Plus, built-in approvals and payment workflows make the process touchless to automate your AP workflow.

Cherrywork AP automation solution offers end-to-end invoice processing automation with tight integration to SAP, which enables organizations to simplify their invoice processing. You can go live with AI-led AP automation in 4-6 weeks, irrespective of whether you have an on-premise or cloud structure. Cherrywork’s smart rule intelligence helps the AP department configure rules for exception management, task SLAs and assignments, non-PO coding, data rejection, auto-posting, and schedulers.


Intelligent Task Management