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Intelligent Maintenance & Operations

Suite of Digital Applications

Why lose out on plant and asset productivity when you can use an Intelligent Maintenance Solution instead, to effectively take pre-emptive actions and have a comprehensive real-time view of all equipment?

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For organizations at any scale, looking to digitize their end-to-end maintenance operations and make data-driven decisions, Incture provides Cherrywork Intelligent Maintenance and Operations (IMO) Solution which can be rapidly deployed (and at scale), customized as per the business processes, and reduces asset downtime.

Key Capabilities​

Mobility - with online/offline capabilities
Intuitive user experience
Integrates with SAP ECC & S/4 HANA
Role based access
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Leveraging Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Efficiency

Dashboard & analytics

Single source of truth for all maintenance operations. Customize the dashboard to suit your needs and get reports for operations including calibration and spares consumption.

Insights to action

Monitor and track the pre-defined KPIs of critical equipment captured in one screen, to facilitate data-driven decision-making at all levels.

Mobile maintenance operations even when offline

Cherrywork IMO elevates the productivity of your maintenance operations teams and ensures the availability of the data on the go which helps reduce the MTTR and increase the availability of assets. ​


Maintenance technicians are empowered to access the notification, and WO details and execute WOs efficiently online or offline. Be it maintenance rounds or managing calibration WOs, collecting data from the plant or field is made easy and real-time with mobile application.

Ensure safety of workers

The IMO solution provides interlocks for any work order that needs safety permits or any independent tasks to ensure zero accidents and near-miss events.

Permit to work

Seamless permit to work operations from generating a permit to managing safety checklists, lockout-tagout checklists and closing permits while on field with necessary interlocks and approval workflows managed on mobile.

Field operations

Improve productivity with real-time alerts & notifications

With Work Instruction Sheets at their disposal w.r.t tasks allocated, a technician is empowered to perform a flawless job. Auto NCRs and reactive work orders enable you to take proactive actions while on maintenance rounds.

Field operations

Technicians and field operators can record the readings digitally, keep a tab on maintenance records and get advanced notifications, all while on the ground. Checklist feature helps monitor the key parameters and intervene, in case of non-compliant readings.

Effective utilization of machiner

Leverage real time performance data and historical reports of all critical equipment to schedule planned maintenance and minimize unplanned breakdowns. Reduce excessive costs associated with reactive maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime.

Predictive maintenance

Actionable insights from the live sensor data and events can enable predictions on, when a machine is about to fail, by correlating it with the historical data. Customer specific solution designed to address unique business requirement.


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