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As the Head of Customer Success, Emmy is constantly faced with siloed information coming from different departments working under her wing. While the lack of a unified customer view has obviously taken a hit on revenue and growth, it has also heavily impacted her KPIs like customer engagement and retention.

With the end of year performance reviews right around the corner, Emmy and her team are battling the pressure of unfulfilled sales targets that could potentially impact their rating. So, in the dire attempt to adapt to the dynamic end-to-end process and curb the nosedive in her teams’ performance metrics, Emmy needed a task management application which could help her simplify the workflows. She identified the feature rich Cherrywork Intelligent Task Management as a potential game changer because it enabled her to determine work procedures, work schedules, and workflow for customer service staff from one single dashboard.

Post the successful go-live, Emmy now feels empowered to tackle today’s customer driven epoch with this focused suite. It supports the end-to-end customer experience by not just fostering long-term relationships but also closely focusing on loyalty and revenue generation.

Here’s how the Cherrywork Intelligent Task Management tool helped the team tide over the customer experience crisis:
      • Omnichannel commerce
    The ability to reach their customers through multiple touchpoints has enabled Emmy and her team to unify the backend workflows in the customer journey and hyper-personalize the experience to enhance the decision-making process of both existing and potential clients.

      • Task Delegation
    As a head of customer success, Emmy constantly deals with immense workload and chases tight deadlines with limited tools and resources. Delegating tasks effectively is extremely crucial to improve the overall work productivity. Cherrywork Intelligent Task Management successfully assisted Emmy in delegating tasks seamlessly and effectively.

      • Embedded Sales Analytics
    An intuitive dashboard with customizable templates to track metrics and KPIs has been a game-changer for real-time decision making. Monitoring customer behavior through frequent engagements and feedback loops has created several opportunities to convert leads and drive sales. While the win-rate has steadily commenced an upward trajectory, the dynamic quotes have helped maximize revenue by augmenting deal velocity and protecting the target margin.

      • 360-degree Customer View
    With Cherrywork Intelligent Task Management in play, Emmy was able to obtain a comprehensive view of the customer’s journey by leveraging data from different sources. A 360-degree view provides a complete picture of customer activities and priorities in one place helping Emmy track all customer touchpoints into a single, digital profile.

      • Marketing Optimization
    The inbuilt profile-dashboard has paved access to deeper insights into customer sentiments and behavior. The AI powered unified customer view simplifies segmentation, streamlines analytics, and helps roll out global cross-channel campaigns at scale.
      • Customer Support
  • Proactive troubleshooting and instant problem-solving from customer support are a key aspect in customer retention. While this reduces the friction and likelihood of abandonment, it also enables the unified processing of users’ queries across every channel before and after purchase. Cherrybot, the conversational AI chatbot uses advanced language processing to imitate natural conversation and deliver a top-notch experience.

      • Data Security
    A strong authentication and consent management core has not only secured the onboarding process but has also played a pivotal role in data unification, transparency, and consistency across the ecosystem. This data transparency has also further fostered an increased sense of collaboration and involvement across the teams working under Emmy.
Having automated the end-to-end customer journey process with strong AI and ML powered tools, Emmy and her team have successfully crushed their annual revenue and sales targets. To top this, they also have refined and automated the organization’s agile ecosystem to celebrate a worthy increase in lead conversion, customer retention and holistic insight to action. Would you like to do the same for your organization? If yes, then reach out to us at

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