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The unprecedented adoption of cloud, virtualization, and cybersecurity technologies are driving the future of work to a more digitized environment. Digital workplaces are becoming powerful competitive differentiators in all industries, fostering an agile, flexible, and productive playground for employees.

A recent Gartner report says, by 2024, around 30% of all remote employees will be permanently home-based, and in-person meetings will drop from 60% of enterprise meetings to 25%. This is enough evidence that the future of work will be all — or at least 99% — digital. Digital technology has blurred the distinction between professional and personal life, allowing employees to communicate and collaborate in unprecedented ways.

How digital is shaping the future of work and workplaces

As we speak, many of the traditional approaches we still use are becoming obsolete with the increasing adoption of digital task management solutions across business functions, especially in design, audience engagement, and learning and development. Enablers of this trend — the cloud, high-speed internet, and others — have helped the modern employee move beyond the perimeters of the office walls and old-school ways of getting the work done.

From email and instant-chat to HR applications and virtual meeting tools, employees are now shifting to an entirely new working environment — the digital workplace. It is breaking down communication barriers, the Goliath in the room, and is streamlining the way employees communicate, plan and execute tasks, foster relationships, and more importantly — utilize the data that is generated or procured.

The future of work and workplaces depends on how current digital task management solutions pave the way for more advanced tools that support remote and hybrid teams. That said, how are you doing on your digital transformation journey?

Your road to adopting a digital workplace

Cherrywork® Intelligent Task Management (ITM) is a collaborative task, process, and work management application — powering diverse companies such as IFFCO, Baker Hughes and Bentley. It effectively connects the dots between notifications, tasks, work items, and processes from different systems – in real-time. It can give your workers, supervisors, and process owners the Horcrux they’re searching for: a unified, holistic, and actionable insight into all their work items.

Have you implemented a digital workplace for your employees?

The Cherrywork® ITM is a great solution to start with — powered by the SAP SDK for iOS to leverage iOS features and integrate seamlessly with SAP systems.

Have questions about getting started?

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